About Us


Open to all Somerset Freemasons aged 40 or under

We are a group focused on providing a platform for younger members of the craft to find their feet in Freemasonry amongst those from a similar age group.


Also open to Somerset Freemasons who have been a Master Mason for less than 5 years

We are also here to help those Somerset masons who have been in the craft for 5 years or less to enjoy their Freemasonry with brethren at a similar stage of their Masonic journey.


Membership is Free!

Membership of the Adair Club is free to all who are eligble to join us so there's no reason not to get involved and sign up!

A little bit about The Adair Club....


We are open to all Masons aged 40 and under or have been a Master Mason for five years or less. It costs nothing and is there to help you settle into Masonry by putting you in touch with people like yourself – new to freemasonry and in your age group.


Freemasonry has a rich and diverse spread of members, but sometimes newer and younger members can find themselves in a minority. In this respect the Adair Club is more of a social club offering an opportunity for all younger brethren to share friendship and fellowship as well as having some fun with other like minded Master Masons. The club will organise various social events, some for Masons only, some to include their partners and families and others with the chance to bring along friends. It is hoped this will ensure we embrace our member’s families and bring them into our Masonic lives as well as offering the potential opportunity for friends who may be interested in joining having the chance to meet some Junior Freemasons in a social environment.


The Club already has a nucleus of members in the Bath and Keynsham area co-ordinated by Sam Mayer. This group has arranged a number of successful events.


The PGM would like to set up a number of other local groups in the Province. The aim is for these new groups meeting locally, would be to join up with other groups from time to time and perhaps hold a Province-wide get together once or twice a year.



A club for young or new Freemasons in the Province of Somerset